Creativity! Confidence! Happiness!

Each of these can be yours. All you have to do is say YES!

Authentic behavior is the gateway to each of those things. Improvisation is the key to authentic behavior. Easing through life is the end result.

The YES! Lab offers Adventures, weekly Yoga-style workshops devoted to practicing the practice of improvisation. During these Adventures, our Adventure Guides show you how the simple act of saying YES!, the cornerstone of all improvisation, enhances to your everyday life. You improvise every day of your life. Everyone does this!

The YES! Lab’s Adventure Guides have the most extensive training you’ll find anywhere in the region. With a deep dedication to the craft, each Guide has accumulated training from:

  • The Second City Chicago
  • iO (Chicago)
  • iO West (LA)
  • Annoyance Theater
  • The Wisconsin Theater Games Center

The YES! Lab serves you and your adventure, offering weekly Yoga-style experiences. Together we delve into the practice of the practice of improvisation. We sharpen your skills, explore new creative pathways and remind you of your confidence.

The YES! Lab teaches workshops and has showcases at Syntax Physic Opera located at 554 S. Broadway, Denver, CO 80209. Come check us out!

Hear From Our Adventure Guides: