Playing with the power of YES! 

At The YES! Lab, we’re here to show you how simple it is to say YES! in a playful manner off stage as well. Our Adventure Guides are devoted to showing you how the simple act of saying YES!, which is the cornerstone of all improvisation, is applicable to your everyday life. You need not be a performer or someone with any inclination to do improv on stage. Everyone can do this!

The YES! Lab’s Adventure Guides have the most extensive training you’ll find anywhere in the region. With a deep dedication to the craft, each Guide has accumulated training from:

  • The Second City Chicago
  • iO (Chicago)
  • iO West (LA)
  • Annoyance Theater
  • The Wisconsin Theater Games Center

This combined total of more than 80 years of improv training and performing experience ensures that each player receives exceptional guidance in improv history, theory, form and application for use on stage and off.

The YES! Lab teaches workshops and has showcases at Syntax Physic Opera located at 554 S. Broadway, Denver, CO 80209. Come check us out!

Hear From Our Adventure Guides: